3 Major Atheist Groups Cut Ties With Physicist and Author Lawrence Krauss Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Three major atheist organizations have announced they are cutting ties with physicist and skeptic author Lawrence Krauss over recent allegations of sexual misconduct.

BuzzFeed News released a story last month detailing the accounts of multiple women who have accused Krauss of sexual harassment over the past several years.

The Washington, D.C.-based American Humanist Association announced last Friday that their Board of Directors had taken multiple actions, including the removal of Krauss from their pool of featured speakers and considering rescission of his 2015 Humanist of the Year Award.

“There was a time when nontheist organizations wouldn’t appropriately address unethical conduct of their leaders, seeming to prioritize outspoken secularism over all else,” stated AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt. “But I’m pleased that some progress is apparent with the nontheist movement waking up to the need to seek justice.”

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation announced last Thursday that its leadership took a vote to cut ties with Krauss soon after the BuzzFeed story was released.

In a short statement, FFRF noted that they found the “well-documented allegations of sexual misconduct against Lawrence Krauss” to contradict “FFRF’s commitment to feminist values.”

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Source: Christian Post