Utah Woman Found Guilty of Trying to Hire Hit Man for Third Time

A Utah woman on trial for trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband was charged for the third time with attempting to get someone to kill more of her enemies, reports said.

Linda Tracy Gillman, 70, was charged Friday with trying to hire a hit man about three weeks ago, KSL reported. The charges came the same day a jury found her guilty on one count of criminal solicitation for attempting to hire a man, who also rents a condominium from her, to “arrange to have her ex-husband, Mr. [Duane] Gillman, killed” last year, according to charging documents.

Gillman paid the man $5,000 to have her ex-husband and his current wife killed, KSL reported. She allegedly promised to give the man $100,000 once the two people were dead and she was able to collect her ex-husband’s life insurance.

She was ultimately caught when the man she attempted to hire went to police. Gillman had allegedly planned for the man to ask a third individual to murder her ex-husband and stage it as a drug overdose. Gillman was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation in that incident.

The 70-year-old, however, didn’t let that deter her from attempting to wipe out all her enemies. While in jail, Gillman allegedly tried to get another inmate to murder the man who she initially hired to kill her ex-husband.

“Gillman referred to herself as ‘the bank,’ and said that she ‘could make everything happen,'” according to the charging documents.

Gillman allegedly said she would be a “free woman” if the man was killed, adding that “it would make all her dreams come true.”

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SOURCE: Fox News, Katherine Lam