3,457 Black Churches in Florida of the National Black Church Initiative Demand That the Sheriff and the Four Cowardly Deputies Resign Immediately

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, believe strongly that Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel and his four cowardly deputies should immediately resign. They are a disgrace to honorable law enforcement everywhere. Scot Peterson, who issued a press release denying his cowardice, was contradicted.

Rev. Anthony Evans President of the National Black Church Initiative says, “In 2017, policemen from around the country killed 1,129 people. Some were probably justifiable killings, but many were not. Today we have a scenario where it is alright for police to kill you dead and beat you up for the simplest things by disobeying their command. In contrast to the four cowardly deputies who ran away with their tails between their legs, they believe that they have a right to be cowards and collect a paycheck from the public. The 3,457 Black churches in Florida declare that you are a coward and you should be fired or resign immediately. You have no right to kill God’s children as you choose and then the right to run away from those who are killing God’s children and on top of that collect a paycheck. We collectively say, hell no.”

According to a report by CNN:

‘Peterson’s attorney has said he did not enter the school because he believed the shooting was coming from outside the school buildings.

But the updated timeline and dispatch audio contradicts that assertion.

At 2:25 p.m., or about four minutes into the shooting, a deputy says over the radio “some students thought it was firecrackers, but we’re not sure, by the football fields.”

Peterson responds, “We also heard it’s by, inside the 1200 building.”

“That contradicts the statement his attorney gave, that he didn’t know where the shots were fired. After multiple gunshots you would have to know where the shots were coming from,” said the head of the Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies Association Jeff Bell.’

This is why we are calling for Sheriff Israel to resign. His lack of leadership is a clear line to the type of officers they produce, like Scot Peterson, where they run away from their jobs while God’s children are being slaughtered like cattle. Each one of those 17 kids were children of God and, those sworn officers, who we pay and who profess to protect us but do not, are stains on the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. These four officers who stood outside and heard the last screams of God’s children cannot be considered a person with any moral courage.

Put simply they are cowards and they should be fired or resign immediately.

The Bible says, greater love has no one than this, to lay down ones life for ones friends (John 15:13). These four deputies who have confessed Christ for years, and when given the opportunity to stand up for Christ, their families, their integrity, their community, their friends and the public, they simply ran away. These are not the type of policemen that we need protecting the public. Their very service is a lie and it undermines their sworn commitment to us to protect and serve.

The Christian Church does not produce cowards, we produce disciples of Christ who mimic the actions of Jesus to lay down our lives for one another.

Source: National Black Church Initiative


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