WATCH: Texas Teen Waitress Who Cut Up Elderly Diner’s Food is Surprised With $16,000 College Scholarship After Photo Goes Viral

An act of kindness has reaped a huge reward for one Texas teen.

Evoni Williams, who works in a La Marque, Texas, Waffle House to save money for college, was photographed by a diner as she helped a 78-year-old man cut his food into small, chewable pieces during her shift.

The observant diner, Laura Wolf, went on to post the photo on Facebook, where it fetched thousands of likes and comments praising Williams’s caring nature.

The public wasn’t just impressed — it wanted to help too.

As KVUE reports, Texas Southern University has come through with a $16,000 college scholarship and the aid of a counselor to help Williams, who plans to study business management.

The high school graduate said helping diner Adrien Charpentier was “something I would do any other day.” She added that the gentleman had required help because his hands were “not functioning too well.”

“My hands are not up to par,” Charpentier said. “If I want to cut my meat, I look like I’m stabbing it.”

Her actions also prompted the mayor of La Marque to proclaim March 8, 2018, a day in her honor. Williams wiped away tears as he announced the creation of Evonni “Nini” Williams Day.

SOURCE: Yahoo News