Go to Church, by Danita Whyte, with Danae, Daniqua, and Danyelle Whyte

Church should be the best place to you on earth. You should love going to church every Sunday and on Wednesday nights (if your church has Wednesday night services). Don’t wish you could have stayed home and played sick. No, instead wear your best Sunday dress, put on your best sunny smile, and go to church to worship God.

Do not go to church just because your parents said to go, but rather go to church because you love God and you want to worship Him and do His will. Church is not a time for playing and talking with friends but a time to worship God and reverence Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s a time for you to pray to God and to praise Him for everything that He has done for you. Worship God in His House.

Church Girl!

Some go to church to see and be seen, Some go there to say they have been, Some go there to sleep and nod, But few go there to worship God. –Selected