Brother of CMU Student who Shot his Parents in Dorm Room Asks for Prayer in Social Media Post, Says ‘This is a Faith Examination….Please Don’t Make a Villain of my Brother’

Pictured: Eric Davis Sr., and Diva Davis
Russell Matthew Davis/Facebook

A heartbreaking social media post by the brother of James Eric Davis Jr., the man who police say shot his parents to death inside of his Central Michigan University dorm room Friday is asking for compassion, prayers and support for his younger brother.

“To the media and opinionated people… Please don’t make a villain of my brother… that is NOT who he is… and despite the circumstances, he also lost a mother and father… And I LOVE him. Consider that!,” wrote Russell Matthew Davis on his Facebook page.

Russell Matthew Davis gave WXYZ permission to use photos and the Facebook tribute he wrote about his parents.

“Never thought I’d have to post this type of post… but unfortunately the news is true. My mom and dad both rest from their life of labor and stress in a very tragic event,” he wrote.

Davis Jr. has been charged with two counts of murder and a weapons charge in the shootings of his father, Eric Davis Sr., and mother, Diva Davis.

Davis Jr.’s parents had come to the university Friday to pick up their son from the hospital and take him back to their hometown in Illinois for spring break. Their son had acted so strangely the night before, that University police suspected he was on drugs and admitted him to a hospital in Mt. Pleasant.

The shooting occurred on the 4th floor of Davis. Jr.’s dorm room in Campbell Hall as his parents were packing up his belongings. A 16-hour manhunt and university lockdown ensued before Davis Jr.’s capture.

Russell Mathew Davis said on his post that he’s pursuing a doctorate in faith and “THIS is my examination!!”