YouTube Pulls Ads from Alex Jones’ InfoWars Channel, but Says it Has No Plans to Delete It

As YouTube continues in its efforts to crack down harder on content that violates its terms of usage and promotes offensive and/or misleading content, it’s found itself in the fake news crossfire this weekend.

After a video and some advertisers were removed from YouTube channels controlled by Alex Jones, the far-right commentator best known for hosting the video show InfoWars, Jones announced yesterday that YouTube would be freezing and deleting his YouTube channel today, Sunday — but the claim was false, according to YouTube.

“The Alex Jones channel with billions of views is frozen,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “We have been told it will be deleted tomorrow and all 33 thousands [sic] videos will be erased.” But according to a spokesperson from YouTube responding to our request for comment, the site at present has no plans to delete Alex Jones channel or erase his videos on Sunday, March 4.

Conveniently, Jones used the Tweet to promote (what else?) a new YouTube channel to show off its “censored” content videos. There’s nothing like a scandal when you’re InfoWars.

Jones’s YouTube account is one of the biggest of several tied to the InfoWars’ brand, with nearly 2.3 million subscribers and millions of views across hundreds of videos — a mix of right-leaning opinion pieces and sensationalised, tabloid-style reports that fan the flames of conservative discontent.

YouTube’s procedure for terminating an account involves a number of steps before an account gets completely taken down, starting with three “strikes” for terms of service violations and following an appeals process by the account holder.

While Alex Jones’s account is still alive and kicking, it is not in completely good standing.

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SOURCE: Ingrid Lunden