Pilot Reports ‘Pretty Much Everyone’ Vomited on Flight During Nor’easter Storm

The pilot report was unusually graphic. Reuters/Luke MacGregor

Powerful storms throughout the Northeast on Friday have led to thousands of delayed and canceled flights — but some passengers apparently have had worse luck.

report from a pilot who landed at Washington Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC, on Friday morning described a horrifying descent that caused several passengers to vomit.

“Very bumpy on descent,” the pilot wrote in a PIREP, a report that pilots often send to ground stations when they face poor weather conditions.

“Pretty much every one on the plane threw up,” the pilot added. “Pilots were on the verge of throwing up.”

The reports usually just note the weather conditions, but this one took it a step further, providing graphic details about what must have been an incredibly unpleasant flight.

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SOURCE: Business Insider, Mark Matousek