Kenyan Doctors Perform Brain Surgery on the Wrong Patient

Four Kenyan medical staff have been suspended from their Nairobi hospital after they inadvertently cut open the skull of the wrong patient for a brain surgery, following an ID mix-up.

Two patients were brought in for treatment to Kenyatta National Hospital, the Kenyan capital: One for a clot on the brain that needed surgery and the other with swelling that required non-invasive treatment. Somewhere along the way, however, their identification tags were switched.

According to the BBC the doctors did not realize the error until hours into the surgery, when they discovered there was no clot.

Despite the unnecessary surgery, the head of the medical facility has said the patient is “in recovery and progressing well,” while an investigation is under way.

Kenya’s regulatory medical board has said the mistake is the first of its kind in the African nation. It has requested a full report from Kenyatta National Hospital and plans to launch a hearing into the events surrounding the incident.

The shocking mix-up comes as the Nairobi hospital is already mired in scandal. Six weeks ago, Kenya’s health minister opened an investigation into claims of sexual assault on new mothers at the facility.

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SOURCE: Newsweek, Callum Paton