Jimmy Kimmel to Include #MeToo, Time’s Up in Oscars Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel

Academy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel says he plans to include the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement in his monologue, even though he’s aware he will be speaking in front of a Hollywood audience that is afraid to laugh.

“I do, yes,” he told Vanity Fair’s Rebecca Keegan when asked if he’ll tackle the contentious subject. “It’s very tricky because when people are scared, they don’t laugh, and when there’s a camera in their face, they behave differently than they do in a comedy club or in the audience on a talk show.”

He continued, “When you’re put in that position, those in the audience become a little bit of a deer in the headlights. That’s the part [where] you have to rely on experience and the knowledge of your medium.”

Oscars producers have also indicated there will be a live moment in the show also dedicated to the movement against sexual harassment in Hollywood.

SOURCE: Page Six – Emily Smith