Parkland Students’ ‘March for Our Lives’ Rally Bumped From National Mall by Local Talent Show


The March for Our Lives rally, organized by Parkland students in reaction to the deadly school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February, has been moved off D.C.’s National Mall due to a scheduling conflict with a local “talent show.” In a National Park Service permit obtained by The Washington Post, a filming crew from a “student group at a local educational institution” is set to conduct “filming for a talent show” for a “student project” on March 24—which left the March for Our Lives rally unable to take place on the mall. The Park Service redacted the name of the educational institution “for privacy reasons.” The rally is expected to have 500,000 attendees, with “student speakers, musical performers, guest speakers and video tributes,” and “14 Jumbotrons, 2,000 chairs and 2,000 portable restrooms.” The only equipment the student project filed for was “two tables, two bikes, and jump ropes.” The rally is now set to happen on Pennsylvania Avenue between Third and 12th streets NW and is planning a protest in front of the White House.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast