WATCH: Best-selling Christian Author John Bevere Shares How Prayer and Fasting Delivered him from Pornography

John Bevere
John Bevere

In a recent social media post, best-selling Christian author John Bevere revealed how he was bound to pornography even after he became a Christian.

Bevere, the author of 20 books, said his porn obsession began around 11 or 12 years of age.

“It was supernatural,” he explained.  “If there was any kind of porn, my head would turn right to it.  It was amazing.”

Bevere told the audience he married the most beautiful woman on earth and he thought, “this will take care of it.”

“It got worse,” he confessed. “Then I went into the ministry and I’m working for one of the largest, fastest growing churches in America and it’s getting worse.”

Bevere revealed how he was in charge of the guest speakers at the church and one day, he was sent to pick up a guy by the name of Lester Sumrall. He said he opened up to Sumrall while they were sitting alone in the church van.

“Boy, did he let me have it… like a good father,” Bevere recalled. “I said ‘pray for me.'”

So Sumrall laid his hands on Bevere and prayed for him.

“You know what happened?” he said. “Nothing. I’m serious.”

“Nine months later, I’m on a four-day fast and at the end of that four-day fast on May 6, 1985, I got completely delivered from pornography,” he recalled. “I am free today.”

In the video, Bevere says he had a lot of questions about why Sumrall’s prayer didn’t help him.  He said the Holy Spirit showed him his life up to that point.

“Prior to me opening up to him, I was scared that I was going to be judged for that sin,” Bevere said. “I was scared that sin would cost me… cost me my marriage..cost me the ministry.”

He asked God what he should be praying for.  And he said the Lord responded, “to know me intimately.”

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