Trump Adviser Johnnie Moore Says There’s a Double Standard When Criticizing Christianity; What if Joy Behar ‘Said the Same Thing About Islam’

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Trump Evangelical Advisory Board member Johnnie Moore said there is a double standard when it comes to condemning or criticizing religion in America.

He said comedian Joy Behar was hypocritical when she attacked Vice President Mike Pence as potentially mentally ill when the former Indiana governor claimed to have heard Jesus Christ speak to him.

“[Hearing voices is] called mental illness if I’m not correct,” Behar said on ABC’s “The View” last week.

Moore said Behar displayed “bigotry” toward Christians, adding that “we all know what would have happened if she said the same thing about Islam.”

“Everyone would be screaming ‘Islamophobia’,” Moore said.

He said that, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Judaism, no one should be disparaged for their faith.

“This is incomprehensible and we can’t let it pass by,” he said, asking whether Behar would find devout followers of Christ like the Rev. Billy Graham or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the late Pope John Paul II as “mentally ill.”

Moore called for ABC to apologize for allowing such discourse about religion.

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Source: Fox News