Philippine Megachurch Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Detained in Hawaii After Cash Stash, Gun Assembly Parts Found On Private Plane

Apollo Quiboloy (Image: Kababayan Weekly)
Apollo Quiboloy (Image: Kababayan Weekly)

The head of a mega-church in the Philippines was detained at Honolulu’s airport after federal agents found $350,000 in cash on the private plane he was on.

Apollo Quiboloy was among six people on the Cessna Citation Sovereign, which was to leave for the Philippines.

But before it departed, Customs and Border Enforcement agents boarded it.

And, court documents say, they found tens of thousands of dollars in cash — all in $100 bills neatly folded and stuffed inside socks in a suitcase.

Also found on the plane, parts to assemble military-style rifles, according to sources.

Quiboloy is the pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, or KJC, which claims to have six million followers worldwide.

There is a small storefront location in Waipahu, Hawaii.

Also on board the plane was Felina Salinas, 47, of Makakilo. She was the only U.S. citizen on the plane, and was arrested after claiming the cash was hers.

Federal law requires anyone taking more than $10,000 out of the country to declare it.

According to the complaint, Salinas declared $40,000, but not the $350,000 recovered. She was charged with attempted bulk cash smuggling.

Salinas is the business manager at the Waipahu chuch location and a loyal supporter of Quiboloy and his mega-church..

In YouTube videos, she details her faith in him.

“He was appointed and he was anointed by the almighty father to preach the gospel to the whole world,” she tells the host of show.

She says Quiboloy started the KJC in 1985 with just 15 members. But by 2015, when the video was made, she says it had six million all over the world.

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SOURCE: Lynn Kawano