Pastor’s Wife Pleads for Husband’s Release a Year After His Abduction in Malaysia

The wife of Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh, who had been accused of proselytizing to Muslims and was abducted by masked men near his home one year ago, is pleading for the release of her husband, a month after an inquiry into the incident was halted.

“My wish is for Raymond to be released so that he can be reunited with his family especially this Chinese New Year,” the wife, Susanna Liew, said in a statement, according to Channel News Asia.

“His mother is ailing and has not seen him for over a year,” she said.

Koh was abducted near his home in Petaling Jaya, West Malaysia on Feb. 13, 2017. After the abduction, police initially began investigating if the pastor preached Christianity to Muslims, rather than focusing on catching his captors.

Based on CCTV footage, the abduction was swiftly executed in just two minutes — in broad daylight and with someone even recording the entire process on video while another person is seen casually redirecting traffic.

No legitimate ransom demand has been made, according to authorities.

Prior to his abduction, Koh had been accused of preaching to Muslims and had received bullets in the mail, according to Open Doors.

While the Malaysian constitution provides for religious freedom, the government forbids non-Muslims from preaching to Muslims.

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Source: Christian Post