Worship Group All Sons & Daughters Announces Breakup

Worship music duo All Sons & Daughters has officially disbanded.

The group, comprised of worship leaders David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, took to Facebook last week to make the announcement. After taking some time off, the pair that began at Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee, realized they no longer had the same vision for All Sons & Daughters.

“As you know, we took last year off the road to rest, pray and dream about what was next for All Sons & Daughters. We spent the first half of the year wrestling through the initial shock of being off the road after seven years, celebrating Poets & Saints at the Grammy’s, and diving in to our individual dreams and plans at home,” the pair said in an open letter posted to Facebook last week. “Each time we came together to talk about the future of All Sons & Daughters, we struggled to gain a clear picture.”

The band’s last album, Poets & Saints, was released in 2016 and nominated for a Grammy Award. While they both came together at Journey Church in 2009, Jordan and her husband have since left the congregation.

“Since the beginning, our music was birthed from and written for our local church. While David is still involved with Journey church, last December Leslie and her husband, Thomas, felt led out of that community,” the pair revealed in their joint letter. “With that as our reality, we were struggling to find the heartbeat for new music. And while we could continue to write songs for the ‘global church,’ we feel that is not true to our original vision for the band.”

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Source: Christian Post