WATCH: 17 Dead, 14 Injured in Florida High School Massacre; 19-Year-Old Shooter in Custody; Student Says, ‘Everyone Predicted It’

Family members embrace after a student walked out from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday
Family members embrace after a student walked out from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday

Investigators are trying to figure out what led a gunman to open fire at a Parkland, FL, high school, killing 17 people.

Deputies confirmed 17 people have died and 14 people were injured in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said 12 people died inside the school, 2 died outside of the school, 1 person died on the corner near the school and 2 people died at hospital.

The suspected shooter, identified as Nikolas Cruz, 19, is in custody.

Cruz, a former student who was expelled last year, used an AR-15 rifle and had multiple magazines on him, according to BSO.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said earlier in the day he was not sure why Cruz was kicked out of the school.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)  said the shooter had a gas mask on, pulled the fire alarm then used smoke grenades as students ran out. As for where the suspected gunman might have gotten the weapons, Nelson said “I have no idea.”

A student who knows Cruz said nobody in the school would pick on him.

“He always had guns on him and stuff like that,” said a student who knew Cruz. “He was a little bit of a troubled kid.”

Israel made a point to mention that people who know something is not right or see something that shouldn’t be have a responsibility to do the right thing.

“If you are on a website and you know something or you’ve seen something, you see a person with rifles and weaponry, and you see something that’s not right, you owe it to your family, you owe it to your community and you owe it to law enforcement to make this a safer nation by calling up someone tonight,” Israel said. “Call up the FBI, call up the Broward Sheriff’s Office, call up someone tonight and let them know that you have information that something’s not right. You can prevent a major tragedy like this devastation that happened in Parkland tonight.”

Another student, who was in the thick of the gunfire said, “It was really traumatic to watch. A lot people were bleeding out and there was blood everywhere,” she said. “It’s hitting me but it’s still shocking to me. There’s a video with gunshots and the person next to me took that and with all the social media and it’s so crazy how I was so close to that and I’m so grateful to be living right now.”

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Investigators and crime scene technicians are working into the night, combing through evidence at the school. What looked like gunshots could be seen in one of the school’s windows.

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