LISTEN: Jo Saxton Says God Can Redeem Broken Pieces

Jo Saxton
Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton is a pastor, a church-planter, an author, and a speaker who travels the globe to address leadership organizations, children’s conferences, women’s events, and Christian festivals. She also serves on the advisory board for Today’s Christian Woman, co-hosts the Lead Stories podcast, and spends much of her time mentoring and training leaders through 3DMovements, an international discipleship operation. She lives with her husband and their two daughters near Minneapolis.

Key Quotes from Jo Saxton:

“We live and we love and we lead from the inside out.”

“Sometimes when we think of leadership development we think of the skill sets…but we also need to attend to our internal life.”

“He’s given us this wonderful privilege (ministering) but he didn’t give it to us to burn us out. He gave it to us in partnership with him.”

“As leaders we have different relationships with mentors than we do with peers so I try to have accountable relationships in both areas.”

“The discipline of celebration, we need to sit down and enjoy what God has given us. It is important to remember how God has helped you.”

“What isn’t happening because we’re held back by a broken identity? A healthy identity gives rise to a vibrant purpose.”

“These broken pieces of our lives…as we place them in God’s hands we can find a greater freedom to move into what he has for us.”

“The broken pieces are broken but under the grace of God they don’t have to stay broken, they can be redeemed”

“Wilderness experiences reveal what we are about….it brings us to the end of ourselves.”

“Sometimes we don’t even know what our expectations are until they aren’t met.”

“When we walk in our valley of dry bones….God is present. You’re still his child and he’s still with you.”

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SOURCE: Jason Daye