Fatal Car Crashes Higher on April 20 Marijuana ‘Holiday’

A review of 25 years worth of car crash data has found a link between the so-called “high holiday” celebrated by marijuana users on April 20 (4/20) and a rise in fatal car accidents.

The significance of the date is debated, but has been linked to the story of a group of students in San Rafael, Calif., who used to meet after school at 4:20 pm to smoke pot.

The study conducted at the University of British Columbia looked at U.S. government statistics from 1992 – the year after an article in High Times magazine popularized the informal event – through 2016.

Researchers compared fatalities on that date to those one week before and after it and found there to be a 12 percent increase on average, which represents 142 deaths.

The study’s authors hypothesized a connection based on previous research that suggests driving after marijuana use is “surprisingly common” and can increase crash risk.

Other studies have found a similarly elevated risk linked with alcohol and driving on Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve.

Most accidents had no police data on drug testing so there’s no way to confirm that marijuana was involved, but researchers think the drug was responsible for some crashes.

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SOURCE: Fox News