WATCH: Whether You Agree With Dr. William Curtis Driving a Bentley Or Not, this Negro Preached this Message… and We Say “Amen”

There’s a little controversy going on right now about Dr. William H. Curtis of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, PA, being seen driving a Bentley. We at BCNN1 hadn’t really heard of this preacher until this issue regarding him driving an expensive vehicle came up. However, after listening to him preach the message below, we do not see this brother as a prosperity preacher or one who is caught up in material things. Even though spending a quarter of a million dollars to buy a car does not jive with the principles of the conservative financial expert Dave Ramsey, as the money could be better spent on other issues, this is a matter between him and God. 

In the video below, Dr. William Curtis preaches one of the most powerful and eloquent messages in the context of a new year in recent memory. With a sermon titled, “Laying the Most Important Stones,” God used him that night at First Church of God (pastored by Timothy Clarke) in Columbus, OH.

Curtis preached against the sin in the church and how that many of us have gotten far away from God — and we wonder why many of us are not being blessed. He said, ‘One of the reasons why we ought not to want to live in sin is because it is too stressful, too complicated, and too complex.’

We say again, this Negro preached that night. If he never preaches again, he preached that night. And we believe that many of the people who heard him were delivered. The pastor turned into a prophet, and we say, “Amen.”