Nature Documentary ‘The Riot and the Dance’ Explores the Wonders of God’s Creation With Scientist Gordon Wilson

A new nature documentary, “The Riot and the Dance,” takes moviegoers on an exploration of God’s natural wonders throughout the world.

For one night only on March 19, the family-friendly cinematic picture will take viewers on a journey through nature as biologist Gordon Wilson, a scientist and devote Christian, shows off the wonders of the world in a bold, new way.

Described as “a celebration of creation and the Creator,” “The Riot and the Dance” is Wilson’s scientific voyage that takes him to the jungle, the desert, and even his own backyard. The documentary is loaded with inspiring narration that weaves in Bible scripture along with a visual experience.

Wilson, a senior fellow of Natural History at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Indiana, and a regular contributor to the Young Earth Creationist group Answers in Genesis, said he wants audiences of all ages to “develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Creator’s workmanship and personality.”

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Source: Christian Post