17 People Who Lost 100 Pounds — or More — Share Their Secret to Success

As a child, Laura Eastel was caught in a vicious cycle. Often bullied for being heavier than her classmates, she turned to junk food for comfort. This coping mechanism, however, made her put on more weight, which would initiate more jokes from her classmates. By 19, SWNS reports that Eastel weighed about 266 pounds.

She fell into another weight gain cycle in 2005 when she became pregnant with her first child. According to SWNS, her diet at the time consisted of chocolate biscuits, pizza, fried chicken, and soda. These habits brought her to her heaviest weight: 290 pounds. It wasn’t until she took a trip down memory lane in 2014 that she decided to make weight loss a priority.

“I was at my parents’ house when they decided to get out our old family albums,” she tells SWNS. “Flicking through the pages, we stopped on one of me bulging out of my school uniform, I was horrified.”

Eastel joined Slimming World and traded her junk food for fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Now, three years later, she weighs 131 pounds — a fraction of her former size.

“Losing weight has changed my appearance completely,” she tells SWNS. “When I walked past a girl who used to bully me recently, the look of shock on her face made my day.”

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SOURCE: This Is Insider