Jesuit College of the Holy Cross Will Keep ‘Crusader’ Moniker Despite Concerns It Would Offend Muslims

The Jesuit College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, announced over the weekend that the school will keep its century-old sports moniker “Crusader” despite concerns that Muslims could find it offensive.

“While we acknowledge that the Crusades were among the darkest periods in Church history, we choose to associate ourselves with the modern definition of the word crusader, one which is representative of our Catholic, Jesuit identity and our mission and values as an institution and community. We are not simply crusaders, we are Holy Cross Crusaders,” the college’s president, the Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, and Chair of the Board of Trustees John Mahoney wrote in a message to the school community.

“With this in mind, the Board also has asked the College administration to take this opportunity to assess how the visual representation of a Holy Cross Crusader can best align with this definition.”

They explained that the moniker was chosen by students of the school in 1925 to represent their values.

“The literal definition of the word, ‘one who is marked by the cross of Christ,’ was appropriate for our institution’s Jesuit and Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have continued in that tradition, and through their work and lives have defined what it means to be a Holy Cross Crusader,” the school’s leaders said.

“We are crusaders for human rights, social justice, and care for the environment; for respect for different perspectives, cultures, traditions, and identities; and for service in the world, especially to the underserved and vulnerable. We engage in dialogue between faith and reason and uphold the importance of reflective learning, critical thinking, thoughtful analysis and holistic education that encompasses the health of body, mind and spirit,” they added.

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Source: Christian Post