Holocaust Denier, Anti-Semite Arthur Jones Set to Become GOP Nominee for Congressional Seat in Illinois

Arthur Jones

An avowed anti-Semite, Holocaust denier and former leader of the American Nazi Party is set to become the Republican nominee for a congressional seat in Illinois, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Sunday.

Arthur Jones, 70, is running unopposed in the GOP primary for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District on March 20, making him a shoo-in to face the Democratic incumbent in the November election. Jones has stood for public office many times since the 1970s, always unsuccessfully.

The Anti-Defamation League responded by calling Jones “by every definition an anti-Semite and unrepentant bigot.”

The congressional seat, which encompasses parts of Chicago, is a Democratic stronghold, which is why the Republican Party didn’t bother to field an official candidate. Jones had run in the district primary seven times before this year but never came close to securing the nomination.

On his campaign website, called Art Jones for Congressman – which features a logo of the GOP elephant with a Confederate flag atop it – Jones has a special section called “Holocaust?” The section features seven scanned articles or documents, the first one called “The Holocaust Racket.”

“This idea that ‘SIX MILLION JEWS,’ were killed by the National Socialist government of Germany, in World War II, is the biggest, blackest, lie in history,” declares the document, which is signed by the “Veterans of Jewish Wars.”

The document further states that “Jewish International Communism and Jewish International Zionism are directly responsible for the murder of at least 300 million people and these blood-thirsty criminal vampires may yet ignite a THIRD WORLD WAR, if we don’t stop them.”

Other documents in the section include “The Kosher Food Scam,” “Holocaust ‘Survivors’ in U.S. Given Preference by S.S. [Social Security]” and a 1993 newspaper cutting saying “34% Doubt Holocaust.”

Jones is a retired insurance broker and says on his campaign website that he was “raised in a highly patriotic family. The blood of the Southern Confederate and the Northern Yankee are both in me.”

He told the Chicago Sun-Times about his former leadership of the American Nazi Party and that he now heads a group called the American First Committee.

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SOURCE: Haaretz