Steve Strang ‘Humbled by Attention’ After President Holds Up Copy of his Book, “God and Donald Trump,” at Davos

International media, dignitaries and fans swarmed President Donald Trump upon his arrival at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, over the weekend. And when one delegate asked the president to sign a copy of my book, God and Donald Trump, Trump not only obliged but held up the book for all to see.

The image and video were tweeted and re-tweeted, showing Trump’s power to engage with people and that he is a major player on the world’s economic stage. When I began getting texts and tweets from friends, I could barely believe it happened. But I’m grateful the book has made its way to Switzerland and into the president’s hands.

I am humbled by all this attention for the book. While I’ve been busy promoting it on various media, we could never have paid for such publicity. It’s a “God thing,” and I want Him to get the attention, not me. My purpose for writing the book is to put on the record how God is involved in the affairs of men, including elections.

On the same day as the Davos event, ultra-liberal website posted its own review of God and Donald Trump by Amy Sullivan titled “Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President.” The subhead read: “A surprisingly fascinating book explains why.”

Amy is a respected journalist. If she found my book “surprisingly fascinating” I found her review surprisingly accurate in its description of the book.

She termed God and Donald Trump “part spiritual hagiography [biography of a holy person], part Fox News bulletin and part prophecy.” She wrote: “It ultimately says far less about Trump than about the charismatic Pentecostals who were some of his earliest religious supporters and now view his election as the fulfillment of God’s will.”

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SOURCE: Charisma Magazine

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