Pat Robertson Suffers Stroke

Pat Robertson, 87, was rushed to a hospital on Friday after displaying symptoms of a stroke (AP)

Televangelist Pat Robertson is recovering after suffering an embolic stroke.

In an online news release, The Christian Broadcasting Network, which Robertson founded, says he was rushed to the nearest stroke center around noon on Friday after a family member recognized the onset of symptoms.

The release says that within minutes of receiving clot-busting drug tPA, Robertson was awake, responsive and able to move all his limbs.

The Virginia-based network says 87-year-old Robertson is alert and expected to make a full recovery.

The televangelist could be discharged as early as Monday.

His doctor apparently said his quick recovery was a ‘tPA miracle’.

Son Gordon said: ‘We cannot express our thanks enough to the medical team that treated my father.’

He added: ‘We encourage everyone to be aware of the symptoms of stroke and also be aware of the location of the nearest stroke center.’

In addition to founding The Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson hosts its flagship show ‘The 700 Club’.

He has also launched multiple ministries across the United States.

SOURCE: The Associated Press