Grieving Seattle Mother Loses Two Children to Gun Violence Just Six Months Apart

Washington’s Patrice Thomas is now dealing with the unthinkable, for the second time within half of a year.

The Seattle mother, who gave birth to four children, lost her son to gun violence on Wednesday, after burying her adult daughter in August, who was fatally shot in July.

‘There’s no words that I can describe what I’m going through right now,’ she said.

‘That’s a mother’s nightmare, worst nightmare. It really is. I’m not supposed to be burying my child. My child is supposed to be burying me years down the line.’

Thomas’s daughter, Che’Reonna, died in August at the age of 20, after she was caught in crossfire while riding in a car in South Seattle in early July.

She celebrated her last birthday in the hospital, before succumbing to her injuries.

Thomas’s son, Duane Everett Tyson, was shot in Kent and killed in Kent on Wednesday night, at the age of 19.

Tyson was part of a group of about a dozen young men who were gathered near Bryson Square Apartments, witnesses reportedly said.

As the group grew loud, the police were called.

Authorities were reportedly on their way to the scene when shots rang out.

Tyson died at the scene, and two of the others were injured. The teen is survived by a son, two younger bothers, and his mother.

‘These kids need to wake up,’ Thomas said. ‘Everybody needs to wake up and teach your kids about guns. It’s not cool. It’s not safe.’

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Source: Daily Mail