Somebody Deserves a Good, Old-Fashioned Butt-Whipping from Their Parents: Student Body-Slams Substitute Teacher Because he Took his Phone Away

A 64-year-old Florida substitute teacher was slammed to the ground by a student when he confiscated the teen’s phone.

In a video released today, the unidentified educator and the teen are wrapped up in a scuffle over the phone.

As students move out of the way of the chaos, the two bulldoze through desk as they make their way to another part of the classroom.

Someone shouts at the pair but they are so caught up in the commotion that they don’t stop.

The teen trips the man – causing him to fall backwards – before slamming him to the ground.

‘Give me my f**king phone, bruh,’ the boy says to the man who is now laying on the ground.

As the student’s classmates yell to others in the room to call security, the boy yanks his phone out the substitute’s hands.

He walks off, leaving the teacher to slowly pick himself off of the ground.

It is unknown whether anyone was injured during the scuffle.

The exact location in Florida is also unknown.

Daily Mail