Emmanuel Baptist Church of Jeffersonville, IN, in Hot Water for Sign Saying, “Stop Sexual Harassment: Wear Clothes”

A sign outside a Jeffersonville church has drawn some attention as many living in the neighborhood have decried its message as offensive.

The sign outside Emmanuel Baptist Church off Springdale Drive read “STOP SEXUAL HARASSMENT WEAR CLOTHES.” Several people have called the message offensive to women and those who are victims of sexual harassment and assault, saying it places the blame on the victims instead of trying to solve the issue.

“Pretty much any female regardless of shape, size, color, race, what they look like, what they dress like, have been a victim of some type of sexual harassment in the past,” Opal Lavon, a Jeffersonville resident, said. “So it’s just completely inappropriate and out of line for anybody or any entity to put that message out there.

The pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church told WHAS11 he does not know who put the message up on the sign and said he did not give approval for the message. The sign has since been taken down.

SOURCE: Dennis Ting