Brady, We Love You Man, but What’s Up With the Long Kiss With Your Son? Has Tom Brady Gone too Far?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is getting heat after a kiss with an individual other than his wife.

Yes, Brady, the celebrated quarterback, is being taken to the cleaners after two kisses on the lips with his…11-year-old son.

During a docudrama titled “Tom vs. Time”, Brady is receiving a massage when son Jack enters the room asking his dad if he can check his fantasy football standings.

According to CBS NewYork, Tom asks his son, “What do I get?” Jack kisses dad on the lips to which Tom says “that was like a peck.” Son Jack returns and gives dad a longer kiss. (I timed it. No more than two seconds.)

This is what we’ve come to; a display of affection between a father and his 11-year-old is considered “disturbing” as one New Yorker said. Similar comments followed.

The author of Why Parents Disagree a counselor, tells of a father who asked “Is it all right if I hug and kiss my two and a half year old son goodnight? I’m afraid it will turn him into a homosexual.” Can you believe that?

The opposite, less affection between dad and son, is more likely to create homosexual attractions.

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Source: Christian Post