Nick Vujicic Says Prosperity Gospel Has Disabled Africa and Latin America

Evangelist Nick Vujicic warned that the prosperity gospel has “disabled” two entire continents, namely Africa and Latin America, in a recent message urging people to go back to the basics of the Gospel.

Vujicic, known as the limbless evangelist because he was born without arms and without legs, answered several questions on the importance of evangelism when interviewed by Hannah Schuller, the wife of pastor Bobby Schuller, at Shepherd’s Grove church in California.

The preacher argued in a video posted to Facebook on Sunday that evangelists need to go back to focusing on the “original Gospel,” without “adding or subtracting” from it.

“The prosperity gospel has disabled two continents as we speak — Africa and Latin America,” Vujicic warned.

“It is time that we go back to the basics.”

A number of nations in South America, especially Brazil, which is experiencing a growing evangelical movement, have also seen a rise in prosperity gospel preaching, with charismatic leaders offering hope to people with economic troubles.

Washington Post article from October 2017 featured experts on Pentecostalism in Latin America, such as sociologist Paul Freston, who positioned that prosperity preaching is moving through poor neighborhoods, where it is seeing opportunities due to the record 13 percent unemployment rate in the country.

Pastor Bob Robbins of the evangelical English-speaking Sampa Church in Sao Paulo told The Christian Post in an interview in November that the lack of hope and the struggling economy are the biggest factors that influence the prosperity gospel.

“If a charismatic person can say that they have a solution for people’s struggles they can get an audience. I am not sure that I can say the prosperity gospel is on the rise, but it is present and has a pretty large influence,” Robbins told CP.