New GOP Higher Education Bill a ‘Wish List’ for Campus Conservatives


A 590-page higher education bill has been introduced in the House that would allow religious universities to “bar openly same-sex relationships,” religious student groups to bar people from joining who are not of the same faith, and controversial speakers “more leverage” when they want to come onto campuses. The PROSPER Act reads like a “wish list” for campus conservatives, The New York Times reported, tossing bones to those who feel that First Amendment rights on college campuses have been stifled by gender inclusivity rules and speech limitations. Spokesman for House Education Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said, “Republican members of Congress share that belief and are sending a message to the higher education community that these important issues cannot be ignored.” The bill passed the committee on a party-line vote, and stands a good chance of passing the House.

SOURCE: The Daily Beast