John Piper Says Christians May Have Only 5 Seconds to Choose Between Lust and Jesus When Tempted

Reformed pastor and author John Piper suggested that Christians have only five seconds to choose between Jesus or whether they will allow lust to take over.

Piper responded on Wednesday to a college student on his website, who asked how she can deal with lustful thoughts in a “sex-crazed” culture.

The influential author said that there is a two-part paradigm for transforming one’s mind in the battle against temptations, one being staying spiritually fit.

He used the analogy of physical exercise, namely that when people do resistance exercises, they become stronger; while with reception they eat healthy foods and get enough sleep, which prepares their bodies.

Pushing back the darkness, he said, is also vital.

“Now let’s apply it to spiritual and mental fitness the way the Bible says it happens. Of course, resistance and reception are not sequential. They’re not sequential, like some days you do resistance and some days you eat. No, it’s simultaneous, at the same time,” Piper explained.

He referred to biblical verses, such as James 4:7 and Romans 8:13, which talk about resisting the devil and testing the faith as a means to produce steadfastness.

“So push back the encroaching darkness just like you push on the floor when you do push ups. Why? Because this produces steadfastness or endurance. This means that those tests — those pressures of unbelief and temptation, those tests that have to be resisted by faith — result in two things,” he outlined.

The former Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota pastor also warned, however, that Christians may only have five seconds to resist when lust and sexual temptation come knocking.

“We say, ‘No, no, no!’ I mean, I do this. I’m not kidding here. Some lustful thought or some image comes into your mind, and you’ve got about five seconds to decide whether you’re going to let it take over or whether you’re going to push on it with ‘No — you’re out of here. In Jesus’ name, you’re out of here!'” he said.

“You must direct your attention to some superior promise: ‘Jesus is better. Jesus is enough. He said this. You’re out of here.’ And you keep pushing until it’s gone,” Piper continued.

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Source: Christian Post