Chip Gaines Says Tim Tebow Introduced Him to Family Who ‘Changed His Life’ in ‘Fixer Upper’ Episode

Former NFL quarterback-turned-Minor League Baseball player Tim Tebow teamed up with popular Christian couple Chip and Joanna Gaines for their HGTV home renovation show “Fixer Upper” in a collaboration that Chip said changed his life.

The comedic handyman took to Twitter on Tuesday to promote the episode featuring Tebow.

“I loved working with my body double @TimTebow — looking at him is like looking in a mirror,” Chip tweeted. “Watch #fixerupper at 9/8 CT on @hgtv. Stick with us until the end for an opportunity to partner w/ the Copp family. Their story changed my life and I’ve got a feeling it might change yours too.”

Chip and Joanna teamed up with Tebow and the Tim Tebow Foundation to help make a wheelchair-accessible house for the Copp Family. The Copp family lives in Waco, Texas, and have two sons who are wheelchair bound.

The children, Calen and Lawson, are battling a life-threatening condition that affects their ability to stand and walk on their own. So the Tim Tebow Foundation helped the family of four move from an apartment into a home of their own which was designed by the Gaines.

Throughout the episode, Chip joked around with the athlete about their similarities. Tebow was also on hand at the end of the program to present the house with the Gaines. Not only did Tebow’s foundation help the Copp family, but the Make A Wish Foundation chipped in to build the boys a fun playground behind the house.

The family’s new hope features pull up bars to help Calen and Lawson get around while inside the home, and the Gaines built ramps outside to help the boys have easy access to the front door. The bathroom was also completely remodeled for accessibility and inspiration. The quote “I can, I will” was placed on the wall to help remind the boys that they can do anything.

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Source: Christian Post