NYPD Detective, Nicholas Budney, Kills Himself With Gunshot Outside Bar

Nicholas Budney
Nicholas Budney

An NYPD detective fatally shot himself at a bar in Newburgh, New York last weekend, sources said on Wednesday.

The body of Nicholas Budney, who worked with emergency service in the Bronx, was found with a gunshot wound to the head outside Billy Joe’s Ribwork’s on Sunday morning, according to law enforcement sources.

News 12 Hudson Valley reported that Budney, 36, had shot himself the night before but his body lay on the deck outside until a worker found him the next day.

A manager at the rib restaurant would not comment on Wednesday night.

Sources told The Post that before going to the restaurant, Budney was hospitalized for a minor car accident.

The detective checked himself out of the hospital and headed to the bar, where he killed himself, the source said.

It was unclear if anyone else was hurt in the car accident.

Newburgh Police did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday night.

SOURCE: Joe Tacopino
New York Post