8-Year-Old Jewish Boy Attacked in Paris in Latest Case of Anti-Semitic Violence

An eight-year-old boy wearing a Jewish skullcap, or kippa, has been attacked in a suburb of the French capital, Paris, in what officials suspect is the latest case of anti-Semitic violence.

Two teenage suspects, who fled the scene, did not shout any insults or steal anything from the boy, who also wore a traditional Jewish belt.

President Emmanuel Macron has condemned it as “an attack on the republic”.

France’s Jewish community has voiced fears over rising anti-Semitism.

The suspects – believed to be around 15 – were hidden behind rubbish bins and attacked the boy as he walked to a tutoring class on Monday evening in the northern suburb of Sarcelles, which has a large Jewish community, prosecutors said.

They pushed the boy to the ground and beat him, they added.

The boy was said to be well physically, but shocked.

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