Missing Mexican Woman Murdered, Dismembered, Cooked in Pots by Ex-Husband

Mexican authorities said the dismembered remains of a woman who went missing more than a week ago were found inside pots sitting on a stove. She is thought have been murdered, sliced into pieces and cooked, in what is believed to be the latest act of femicide in the Latin American country.

Officials suspect the young woman’s ex-husband killed her and that he did so because of her gender, according to the Associated Press. A state security spokesman, Roberto Alvarez, confirmed to the outlet her mutilated body was found on Monday and offered an explanation for her horrid resting place.

“It’s presumed that she was cooked,” he said.

The woman was not identified. She reportedly was last seen leaving her home in the Mexican city of Taxco on the morning of January 13. She had promised to pick up her children from her ex-husband’s home later in the day but was not heard from again, state prosecutors said.

Femicide has become a widespread problem in Mexico: An estimated seven women a day were victims of gender-related killings in 2016, according to United Nations Women. Although there are laws in place that are meant to prevent such murders, they persist because the laws are rarely enforced.

Men kill women “because they believe women are worth less or they believe that their lives belong to them,” women’s rights activist Ibrahim Zamora Salazar told Al Jazeera. 

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SOURCE: Newsweek, Lauren Gill