WATCH: Tragic! Riot Almost Breaks Out in Church After Woman Starts Giving her Testimony About When she Was Raped as a Child By her Mother’s Boyfriend

A video circulating on social media shows a pastor and several congregants trying to silence a woman after she started sharing her testimony in church about how she was allegedly raped as an 8-year-old by her mother’s boyfriend. Barely a minute after she begins talking, the woman’s mother, who is seated in the front row, jumps up and repeatedly calls her daughter a “liar”. This prompts the pastor to wrestle the mic from the woman’s hand and several female congregants to encircle both the daughter and the mother. The video of this woman’s testimony being shut down has gone viral just hours after it was posted on Facebook and weeks after video of a former prostitute’s attempt at sharing her testimony in church being shut down made the rounds on the internet. So far, over half a million people have viewed the video, with thousands sharing their stories of child molestation and abuse (and its subsequent cover-up in their black family or black church community) in the comments section as a result.