Tragic: Gospel Singer Changes Identity to Become Bisexual R&B Artist

A former gospel music singer is changing his name and musical stylings to pursue an identity as a bisexual R&B musician.

Aaron Thomas, who is known for his 2012 song “In Your Presence,” has changed his stage name to Terrence Stone. More than just a moniker, Stone told Philadelphia magazine that he wanted to change his sound from gospel to R&B.

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter described his upbringing to the publication as being a sheltered child who was raised in the church.

“Grew up singing in the church. All I knew was church,” he said. “I love it and I love God. But one thing I could never agree with was the religious aspect.”

Thomas competed against other singers on the nationally televised singing competitions “American Idol” and BET’s “Sunday’s Best.” But the former gospel singer said he felt out of place in the gospel music industry.

“As a gospel artist, it was always challenging for me to be me. The expectations of the gospel industry is to present yourself as this perfect person, when I was far from that,” Stone admitted. “The gospel industry always made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. R&B is another genre of music that I love.”

He added, “The more I grew as an artist and as a person, I knew that my gift wasn’t only for the church.”

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Source: Christian Post