Young Mother on Verge of Suicide Says Visit to Craig Groeschel’s Life.Church Saved Her

A young mother, who one day was on the verge of suicide as she felt she was unable to care for her children, has shared her inspirational story of speaking to God during a visit to pastor Craig Groeschel’s Life.Church, which she says saved her.

“I didn’t realize what being a single mom would be like. There are days where I couldn’t afford to feed myself, and I would ask my mom to please feed my kids before they came home after I got them from work,” Britny Richardson says in a video posted by Life.Church on Twitter earlier this week.

“I got so depressed, and I decided that I was going to sign my kids over to their dad, and I was just going to end my life,” Richardson adds.

She says that she went to church one more time and that she remembers asking God “please help me.”

“And God showed me His grace, and His love, and His mercy,” she states, which was followed by video clips of her recieving a water baptism.

“It’s amazing to see what God’s doing in so many lives through this church, and I get to be one of them,” she comments.

The video noted that there have been 1,554 baptisms at the 24 locations of the Edmond, Oklahoma-based megachurch.

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Source: Christian Post