Watch Vikings Fans Go Crazy After the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ in this Video of Raw Reactions

The ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ was the moment of a lifetime for Vikings fans, and because everyone has a camera nowadays, many of the reactions were caught on video.

The Vikes’ social media team went to work and compiled some of the best of reactions from Skol Nation – and some celebs – to commemorate the historic play, and set the it all to some Shawshank-esque dramatic music that will leave you wanting to bury long held grudges, and be a better person.

We have no idea how it gets done, but this thing should win an Oscar. It’s a million times better than that stupid Matt Damon movie with the tiny houses. Also, how great is the guy that jumps in the pool? Two things make men dumb. Women and sports.

SOURCE: Michael Hulse
The Herd Now