Christian Was Killed After Showing Muslims His Cross Tattoo

Islamic militants who shot and killed a man on Saturday in Egypt because of his cross tattoo have pledged to kill more people belonging to the nation’s beleaguered Christian community, a friend of the deceased believer has said.

Friends and family of Bassem Herz Attallah, who was shot dead by a group of three gunmen in Sinai on Saturday, have shared details about how and why their loved one was murdered in the streets of Al Arish last weekend.

Milad Wasfi, a close friend of Attallah who spoke with the persecution news outlet World Watch Monitor, explained that he first did not believe the news when he was told that Attallah had been killed on Jan. 13.

Upon hearing the news, Wasfi said that he tried to call Attallah on the phone. However, it wasn’t Attallah who answered the other end of the line.

“The terrorists answered me and said they belong to State of Sinai and promised to kill more Copts before they put down the phone,” Wasfi was quoted as saying.

Attallah’s murder comes as over 100 Christians have been killed since December 2016 thanks to a series of bombings and killings targeting the Coptic Christian community, according to the Associated Press.

Some of the attacks and bombings against Christians over the last year-plus were claimed by Islamic State affiliates in Sinai. Thousands of Christians in Al Arish and other areas of Sinai fled their homes last year after a string of murders carried out against Christians in the town caused many to fear for their own lives.

Attallah and his 38-year-old brother, Osama, were among those Christians who fled Al Arish last year before returning last September, World Watch Monitor reported.

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Source: Christian Post