Christian Internet Personality Dana Chanel is Sick and Tired of Black Male Comedians Dressing Up as Women; Stands by Comments After Criticism

Dana Chanel says she “Said what she said.”

Recently, popular social media personality and “Sprinkle of Jesus” CEO Dana Chanel made a statement against Black male comedians who dress in women’s clothing for laughs. Long story short, Chanel felt that comedians embodying negative stereotypes of Black women, while also dressing like them, was a cheap shot to their careers and morals, and undermined their true talents as aspiring actors. Despite the backlash, Chanel has decided to stick by her original statement (edited for clarity):

“I would like to [formally] not apologize for finding talented African American Kings worthy and capable of doing more than dressing up and ‘mimicking’ ghetto and intolerable Black women to make people laugh at them temporarily and not with them for a life time.”

Her post was accompanied by the following caption:

“Thank you God for [providing] me with a platform to inspire and speak up when my generation is straying off course. You’ve taught me with my past that it is possible to go no where fast. I’m a devoted Christ follower before an Instagram follower. #Blessed.”

The motivational speaker and CEO of “Sprinkle of Jesus,” took to her Instagram to upload a meme that’s been floating around social media, but this time added her own caption:

“Well…. I’ll get crucified, but as an Afro Latina I truly believe it’s a poor and degrading representation of the power of a black mans talents, who I am, my family and my kids will become. You are actors capable of being the next Denzel, the next Michael B. Jordan. You guys are capable of taking your talents beyond social media. This is not cool. Propaganda at its best, destroying and feminizing the black mans image. This is the ‘sunken’ place. Lol and its disheartening so many people support and encourage them to act like females when they are saying that’s how they see ‘us’ as women and think it’s funny.”


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