This is Why You Should Never Try to Stifle Your Sneeze

A 34-year-old man temporarily lost the ability to swallow after pinching his nose and clamping his mouth while sneezing, doctors report

If you’ve ever tried to stifle a sneeze by pinching your nose and closing your mouth, doctors are offering a cautionary tale for why you should stop. After a man in the U.K. ruptured the back of his throat during the maneuver, he was left unable to swallow and had difficulty speaking for days.

The patient’s doctors detail the incident in the latest issue of BMJ Case Reports.

The 34-year-old man came to the emergency room at the University Hospitals of Leicester with painful swelling in his neck and a change in his voice after a forceful sneeze.

He described a “popping sensation” in his neck and said the swelling began “after he tried to halt a sneeze by pinching the nose and holding his mouth closed,” the doctors write.

They discovered air bubbles in his neck and chest and determined that the stifled sneeze had torn a hole in the lower part of his throat.

The patient had no history of trauma and said he hadn’t eaten anything sharp. Doctors admitted him to the hospital and started treatment with antibiotics. He was also placed on a feeding tube.

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SOURCE: CBS News, Ashley Welch