Memphis Pastor Andy Savage Says He Offered to Resign Over Sexual Assault but Church Said No

Teaching Pastor Andy Savage of Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tennessee, says he offered to resign from his post when he publicly confessed a week ago to his congregation that he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old while he was her youth pastor in Texas 20 years ago.

The revelation (of his offer to resign) was made in a previously deleted segment of an interview Savage did with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson last Thursday. Producers were forced to share the unedited interview Monday after abuse survivor advocate Amy Smith highlighted the discrepancy.

During the interview, Ferguson asked Savage why he didn’t simply resign as pastor since so many critics have been insisting that he step down because his church covered up the assault instead of reporting what he did to authorities.

When asked if he ever felt like quitting, Savage said: “Yes. On several occasions in the last few days, I have wanted to quit.”

Ferguson then asked Savage if he offered his resignation to the church and he replied: “Yes.”

“On, uh, Sunday [January 7, 2018], I offered to Chris [Conlee] that I would resign, if that was in the best interest of our church,” he said. Chris Conlee is the lead pastor of Highpoint Church.

Asked why Conlee didn’t accept his resignation since it seemed like a “no-brainer,” he said the church believes that people can change.

“That would certainly be the easy thing to do. I cannot speak for him. I can speak about him. Chris [Conlee] and the leadership at our church believe what we have said, since we started the church. We believe in a perfect place for imperfect people. We believe, that … all of our greatest sins and failures can be overcome and we can change. And we can turn the places that we have hurt the most into ways that help people,” Savage explained.

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Source: Christian Post