16-Year-Old High Schooler Stabs and Kills Girl She Bullied After Victim Tried to Fight Back With Pepper Spray

Valaree Megan Schwab, 16, died in hospital after being stabbed twice in the torso last Wednesday

A bullied teenager has been stabbed to death at a Dunkin’ Donuts after standing up to her tormentors by pepper spraying them. 

Valaree Megan Schwab, 16, died in hospital after being attacked which occurred at 12.30pm in New Rochelle, New York, on January 10.

Z’Inah Brown, 16, has been arrested for her death. She allegedly used a steak knife to stab Valaree twice in the upper torso.

Students at the pair’s high school told ABC News Schwab was being bullied by Brown and others at the Dunkin’ Donuts.

There were five or six teenagers in the group that ganged up on Valaree which included both boys and girls, police said.

Schwab tried to fight them off with pepper spray after being harassed by them on the 10-minute walk down which ended at the Dunkin’ Donuts.

None of the other teenagers present have been identified. It is not clear how long they had allegedly been bullying Valaree.

Police have arrested 16-year-old Z’Inah Brown for her death

After the attack, Z’Inah fled the scene, leaving Valaree behind.

She was taken to hospital in the Bronx but was later pronounced dead.

Classmates have since described Valaree as a ‘unique’ student who ‘spoke her mind’.

In her obituary, she was described as a keen musician with a passion for the guitar.

She filmed YouTube videos about causes she believed in, including one in which she slammed Donald Trump and called his presidency ‘tyranny’.

Brown was charged with second degree murder after turning herself in a day after the attack last week.

Her mother was in court for her arraignment last week but gave no comment as she left.

School staff say they are ‘saddened’ by the teenager’s death.

In a statement last week, they said Valaree was not in classes on the day of the attack.

It is not clear if Brown was in school on the day of the attack or not.

The two girls were arguing outside this Dunkin’ Donuts near their high school in New Rochelle, New York, when Valaree pepper sprayed Brown, allegedly prompting her to pull out a steak knife and stab her twice
Valaree was described as a ‘unique’ girl who loved playing the guitar and who ‘spoke her mind’
Police appealed for Brown after the attack last week. She handed herself in and was arrested on suspicion of second degree murder

‘The City School District of New Rochelle is saddened by the incident on North Avenue today in which a New Rochelle High School student was stabbed.

‘The student was not in school today and the incident did not happen on school grounds.

‘New Rochelle High School and School District officials are cooperating fully with the New Rochelle Police Department in this matter.

‘The High School and District will make counselors, social workers and other professionals available for students and staff who require assistance for as long as is necessary.

‘All other information about the incident should come from the New Rochelle Police Department,’ they said.

A representative for the school district did not respond to questions about Valaree’s death on Tuesday.

It is not known if the bullying was ever reported to staff. Valaree’s grieving family has not commented on her death.

Valaree was not in school on the day of the attack, according to officials
Valaree (seen above with loved ones in a photograph which accompanied her obituary) was trying to fight off her attackers when she died

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jennifer Smith