Masked Gunmen Fatally Shoot Coptic Christian Man in Egypt

Three masked gunmen reportedly shot dead a Coptic Christian man in the latest attack on believers in Egypt’s North Sinai. No group has claimed responsibility yet.

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the victim of Saturday’s attack is 35-year-old Bassem Attallah, though few other details were made available by security officials, who spoke anonymously.

The attack is said to have borne “the hallmarks of Islamic State militants,” who have killed hundreds of Christians in various attacks across the country in the last several years.

The turn of the New Year has seen the attacks continue, with two Copts losing their lives on New Year’s morning in the town of Giza.

The two victims were brothers, who were killed during an attack on their friend’s liquor store by a masked gunman on the back of a motorcycle taxi with a rifle.

The brothers, Ashraf and Adel Azar, who own a parts store located near the liquor store, were apparently helping the store’s owner transfer boxes of liquor from his vehicle when the assault occurred.

The store owner survived, while the gunman fled the scene and remains at large. Local residents attempted to help the Christians, but the two brothers died from their wounds on the way to a hospital.

Just days earlier, nine people were slaughtered in two terror attacks in Cairo, targeting Christians. Armed gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on people outside a church south of Cairo, while an hour later a Coptic-owned shop in the same area also came under fire.

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Source: Christian Post