‘Don’t Have My Son Around Your ******* Boyfriend’: Details of Jennifer Hudson’s Police Report Against Ex David Otunga Emerge

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga with son David Jr. in happier times

Details from Jennifer Hudson’s police report against her ex David Otunga have emerged.

TMZ published some of the transcript of the singer’s version of events.

The incident is the one that lead the 38-year-old to get a restraining order against the former wrestler, who is also the father of their eight-year-old son, David Jr.

She told police on November 16 that the couple were arguing over where their child would sleep that night.

Ortunga was upset his son had been spending time at a recording studio with his mom and her producer, whom Ortunga claimed was her new boyfriend.

She claimed David said ‘Don’t have my son around your f***ing boyfriend,’ and that he threatened to come to the studio and ‘**** him up.’

Hudson alleges he then picked up their son and brought him to an upstairs bathroom, declaring: ‘I’m not leaving.’

When she followed him in, she claimed he ‘shoved her’ out with both hands, causing her to stumble back.

She called for her security guard, but he did not hear her.

The police report also references an incident in April of last year, in which she said she found him in their kitchen ‘next to a gun’ and ‘staring ominously’ at her. She said he later told her it was a fake and removed it from the house.

On Thursday it emerged Otunga will not be charged for the alleged domestic violence incident, after being cleared by police in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

Although the Dreamgirls star was granted the temporary restraining order, she dropped it two weeks later.

A source told People at the time that dropping the order of protection ‘wasn’t a victory for David [Sr.], Jennifer dropped the order so they could remove the matter from the courtroom and work together to do what is best for their child.’

But the holiday season did nothing to encourage a truce between Jennifer and David.

The Spotlight singer’s ex fiance said that he wanted her to be found in contempt of court in early December.

He filed an emergency petition on December 11, in which he claimed she had damaged his reputation and made creating negative press about him her priority, rather than protecting their eight-year-old son, David Jr.

Jennifer issued an exclusive statement to People magazine about their split, saying her actions were ‘solely taken in the best interest of their son’, at the same time he was being served with an emergency order of protection.

He alleged the statement damaged his reputation and at the time it was released, he was being forcibly removed from their home in front of their son, and Jennifer wasn’t even there.

A court order is in place prohibiting the former couple from disseminating photos or making comments about their son, but the WWE commentator claimed the 36-year-old singer had violated the order by giving an interview to an entertainment news show, which showed various photos of David Jr., and mentioned him by name throughout.

He was seeking to have Jennifer found in civil contempt of court and sanctioned for her actions.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has been keeping quite busy, and will next appear in the drama Monster, which is scheduled to hit theaters on January 22.

She, of course, is also having a ball serving as a judge on the UK’s version of The Voice.

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Ross McDonagh