Conan O’Brian Vows to Take His Late-night Talk Show to the Caribbean Country After Donald Trump Allegedly Called It a S***hole Nation

Conan O’Brien is taking his show to Haiti after ‘Donald Trump‘s very negative Yelp review’.

The talk show host told his fans via Twitter that he will be visiting Caribbean country this week ‘to explore and make friends’ telling viewers to ‘stay tuned for my report’.

Haiti was one of the countries, including El Salvador and part of Africa, that Trump reportedly called ‘s***holes’ last week. The President denies using that word.

Conan did not give a date when his report would be aired.

This is not the first time Conan has taken his show on the road, and has previously visited the likes of Qatar, South Korea and Cuba.

Last year he went to Mexico following Trump’s campaign pledge to build a wall and his much-criticized comments about Mexican immigrants.

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Source: Daily Mail