Catholics Warn That Patients May Be Killed Without Proper Checks Under Belgium’s Euthanasia Law

Roman Catholic Church representatives are warning that Belgium’s controversial euthanasia law is being abused, with patients being killed without the proper legal checks.

Auxiliary Bishop Jean Kockerols of Mechelen-Brussels told Catholic News Service last week that it is not only the Church that is expressing its concerns, but doctors and medical professionals as well.

He pointed out that Federal Euthanasia Control and Evaluation Commission has failed to refer a single case of suspected abuse of the law for investigation.

“It’s shocking that, 15 years since its creation, this commission has not referred a single file to prosecutors or condemned a single doctor,” the Belgian church’s Cathobel news agency said in a report.

“It is acting as judge and jury, and not fulfilling its role. It isn’t broadening application of the law, but violating it.”

It shared of one incident where a commission member resigned after a dementia patient was killed without consent, but the person’s case was not referred to prosecutors.

Other complaints centered around the family of a 38-year autism sufferer, whose life was ended without the required documentation.

Health Ministry data reveals that euthanasia deaths are increasing by 27 percent annually in Belgium, where the practice has been legal since 2002.

Kockerols stated, “We’re against euthanasia in every form, and the Church’s official position is well known.

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Source: Christian Post